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#APT005 – Nick Modern feat. Ray Uptown – Patience

The long awaited follow up to ‘Talking Binary’, Nick Modern and Ray Uptown present ‘Patience’. Half time clicks and thuds provide the subtle drum pattern as massive reece and bassline manipulations escape incarceration around the structure. Gunshots, police sirens and television reports take you to the gritty heart of Los Angeles, 2024.

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#APT005 – Nick Modern & Sektion – Domination

Conceived in the depths of a back-alley Chiba sexshow, ‘Domination’ enters the scene, with it’s bold and dark statement, ‘This rhythm was unlike no other rhythm.’ Pulsating subs tremble against the pounding half-time beat structure, as glitched out stabs and leads remind you what Dystopia is all about. Nick Modern & Sektion collaborate once again to devastating effect.

‘Dominance and submission, and the inner conflict and surrender connected with these are enduring themes in human culture and civilization. In human sexuality this has broadened to include mutual exploration of roles, emotions and activities which would be difficult or impossible to do without a willing partner taking an opposing role.’

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#APT004 – Sektion – Frostbite

Sektion steps up the plate as Adapt’s first standalone artist with the chilling sub-arctic tones of ‘Frostbite’. Harsh mechanical beats stride alongside a tundra-born bassline, full of menacing and whipping winds. Frozen atmospherics pierce through the air, adding subtle yet dynamic movement to the piece.

‘Frost is the solid deposition of water vapour from humid air. It is formed when the temperature of a solid surface is below the freezing point of water and also below the frost point. The size of frost crystals varies depending on the time they have been building up and the amount of water vapour available. Frost crystals are translucent, but scatter light in many directions, so that a coating of frost appears white. There are many types of frost, such as radiation and window frost. Frost may damage crops or reduce future crop yields, hence farmers may take measures to prevent it forming.’

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As we pass Adapt’s first birthday, we are proud to present our fifth podcast, once again presented by Nick Modern.

We appreciate all the support and faith that everyone has shown us over the past year.

Adapt. Survive. Divide. Conquer.

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‘Our cover within cyberspace has been compromised. We are currently experiencing neural feedback loops, system shock and other malign effects as governmental data packets attack our server. Operative, you now have full access to the I.C.E experimental defence program. Neural interfacing has been attributed to you. We require immediate assistance. We have implemented our backup systems and fail-safe protocols.

We are pleased to offer you ‘Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics’ for free, as a thank you for your continued support.

You can download the file here : www.ad4pt.net/ICE.exe

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